Keep organized with fun stationery!

These tear-off notepads are a portable fit for a purse or pocket.

A Canada goose is dressed in pilot headgear and a scarf. It is surrounded by maple leaves and is on a yellow polka dot background.

Close to home

Always Canadian-Made

How your products are made is just as important as how much you love them. All of our high-quality products are manufactured in Canada to reduce our environmental impact.

A white woman with dark hair and glasses holds 3 greeting cards. She stands against a dark green wall.

Always original

Designed with Love

Everything we sell is designed by us, for you. Whether you're giving a gift or treating yourself, we think personal touches matter.

A pair of pale freckled bare legs wears blue socks patterned with hot dogs in buns and with red cuffs, heels and toes. The photo was taken outdoors against a grassy background.

say no to disposable

Committed to Quality

We've invested heavily in making sure that our products are manufactured to the highest standards. Our socks feature woven designs that last for years.

Gifts for the cocktail nerds...